Beginners Course

Our beginners course will take you through the process from beginner to competent archer.

Beginners get to start shooting reasonably quickly after a short introductory lesson and demonstration by our experienced instructors.

Once the course is completed successfully and the archer is deemed competent they will be invited to join our club and allowed visit our woodland course and enjoy full membership.

We recommend that beginners do not buy archery equipment until they know what best suits them and are given advice by our instructors. Until then we have lots of training equipment for beginners to try.

Mayo Archery Club - indoor archery

Courses cost €100 per adult although we typically ask for a €50 deposit and €10 per night thereafter.

During your course you will learn about

  1. Introduction to archery
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Preparation for Archery
  4. Introduction to Equipment
  5. The Shoot Sequence
  6. Collecting Arrows
  7. Shooting Practice
  8. Improving Shooting Technique
  9. Knowledge of *IFAA and **IFAF Bowstyles
  10. Knowledge of IFAA and IFAF Rounds
  11. General Scoring Rules
  12. Preparing for a field shoot

*IFAA International Field Archery Association

**IFAF Irish Field Archery Association